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Figure out how to utilize iOS® from Tenderfoot level to cutting edge methods which are educated by experienced working experts. With our iOS Training in Chennai, you'll learn ideas in master level with commonsense way.

iOS Course Syllabus

Prologue to Development MAC OS, IDE – XCODE, Interface Builder Macintosh adaptations –Features iOS adaptations - Features Prologue to Xcode apparatus and Compilers Prolog to Objective-C Making Objective-C Classes and Methods Making Properties and strategies Uh oh in Objective-C Legacy, Polymorphism, Dynamic Typing, Dynamic Binding Arrays,set,Dictionaries Classes and Protocols Application Lifecycle Xie, StoryBoard and Interface Builder Making and building straightforward applications UIState Preservation View application sandbox and CrashLogs of Application Cocoa Design Patterns What is MVC? Model, View and Controller Classes Delegate and Datasource Singleton Pattern Onlooker design Target-Action Cocoa coding models Memory Management Presentation (all in it, hold Release ) Autorelease pool Objective - C ARC Relocating your application to ARC Fundamental Interaction with UIControls Catch, Label, Textfields switch,slider,progress bar Cautions ∧ Action sheet Table perspectives Scrollview, Web see, maps SearchBar, popovers Picker, Date Picker, Imageview, Image picker controller Signals, Mouse occasions Mail, Message, Phone call Introduction and iPhone sensors The iPhone Accelerometer Identifying Shakes Deciding introduction Reacting to the accelerometer WorkingWithTableView UITableViewController Working with different TableViews UITableViewCell TableView rehearses CustomCell creation. Multi-View Applications view to see (Present model view controller ) Route controller Tab bar controller Site hit controller Split view controller CoreGraphics and QuartzCore UIKit and view lifeCycle Draw lines and changes. Adolphe ,Opaque ,covered up Make PDF fields Consolidation Images SplashView and Basic Animation Including Views with activity Maps SDK Prolog to MapKit Framework Demonstrating a basic Map Refresh User Location Foundation area updates of the client. REST and SOAP administrations, XML and JSON Parsing Nonconcurrent and synchronous demand Cleanser benefit Rest benefit XML and JSON Parsing KeyValue coding and Nested JSON objects Mistake taking care of Lethargic stacking MultiTasking in iOS NSThread and administration of different strings Synchronous and Asynchronous Prolog to NSTimers GCD in iOS NSOperation and NSOperationQueue Information Base Persistence Client Defaults Post SQLite Center Data Media Association AVAudio player MedaiPlayer MPMovie player Warnings Neighborhood notices Application level Notifications Push Notifications Informal organization Integration FaceBook, Twitter, Google +, Testing And Deployment , Troubleshooting application in the gadget. iOS5,iOS6,iOS7 elements and contrasts Application Store Submission